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Daniel Hayes is unquestionably a successful and multifaceted individual with achievements in real estate, public speaking, writing, and philanthropy. His dedication to mental health advocacy and fundraising efforts for Movember and Lifeline reflects a commitment to making a positive impact on the community. He has been recognized time and time again as one of Victoria’s most aggressive and successful selling real estate agents. He is the Brains behind the brand HAYESWINCKLE and the Managing Director.
Now more than 20 years in the Industry, his unique approach as a home sellers' real estate agent, focusing on maximizing returns for the sellers, sets him apart in the industry. The fact that he has a deep understanding of the Geelong real estate market and its trends further emphasizes his expertise. He is strictly a HOME SELLERS AGENT and he works for you and makes no apologies for this.
While his approach may evoke strong opinions, Daniel's tenacity and refusal to quit contributes to his success, he has the accolades to showcase. Whether loved or disliked, clients working with Daniel seem to experience a straightforward and authentic partnership, getting what he refers to as "the real deal."
Daniel's success on the reality show Big Brother showcases his strategic mindset and resilience, voted the Australian Fan Favorite, lasting 62 days out of a possible 63 days. His invitation to Celebrity Big Brother alongside notable personalities like Caitlyn Jenner adds another layer to his diverse and accomplished profile.
A published Author, dynamic Auctioneer you can rest assured if Daniel is in control of your property sale, you will be truly selling with an expert. He leaves no stone unturned, a self-confessed control freak.
In his down time, he spends time with his two adult kids Harry and Daisy who are the bright spot in his life, he is an avid Motorbike YouTuber with his channel having more than 50 million views.

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