About Yan Lin

Born in a real estate family and raised by one of the best salesperson & auctioneer in China, Yan was educated & trained by her father with fundamental real estate concept since the age of 15. Came to Australia in 2007 with a one-way ticket, Yan was determined to be successful. Having achieved in Master of Professional Accounting, Bachelor of International Business & Diploma in Property Services, Yan understands the importance of professionalism & people relationships in the real estate industry.

Having involved with various apartment projects in Melbourne and assisting groups of oversea buyers finding their dream home, Yan has accumulated valuable real estate knowledge throughout her career. Yan values the importance of cultural diversity in today’s real estate market and understands the need of a professional agent that not only capable of facilitating local transactions but offer down-to-earth advice to oversea clients when needed. Being an extreme multi-lingual negotiator, Yan speaks fluent Chinese, Mandarin & Cantonese as well as English therefore can cater various clients with different background.

Apart from her real estate career, Yan is also the Ambassador of Geelong Asian Community and host to many real estate meetings both locally and abroad.

If you want to maximise your property value and reach out to Geelong’s largest Asian client database, Yan is willing to offer her service.

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