A Year in the Life of Shadow

Shadow’s Adventures

It’s been a big year for Shadow who is now 10 months old and still getting bigger everyday. Times have changed a lot since our Director – Head of Property Management, Jess adopted a shy and well behaved little puppy.

Since her first adventure down to the waterfront in Geelong, we knew Shadow was going to be friendly. With plenty of seagulls and some other dogs around, she has never been able to contain her excitement around the prospect of new friends. As a result, in to doggy-day-care she went, and along came an abundance of friends in all shapes and sizes.

Things kept moving fast for Shadow. After 6 months she was nearly as big as her sister Arya, and she began getting up to some mischief… ignoring the no dogs on the bed rule and chewing through a fly screen was just the start!

December has been a naughty month for Shadow! After learning how to open the backdoor, she let herself and Arya inside to take refuge from the rain in a nice clean bedroom.

Shadow isn’t that relaxed puppy who doesn’t dig or destroy anything anymore – in fact, it’s her new favourite thing.

She loves digging holes in the new driveway, destroying pot plants, killing lemon trees and eating an entire tin of biscuits in one sitting. Quite the achievement for a puppy and we can’t wait to see what fun and destruction spans into 2019.


Who could stay mad at that face though?


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