Three End Of Financial Year Tax Tips For Property Investors

1 March 2022

End of financial year can be a tough and taxing time (literally!) especially for those with an investment portfolio. There … Read the full post »

How Much Should You Really Spend Marketing Your Rental Property?

1 March 2022

If you’re thinking of renting out your property and want to find quality tenants quickly, a solid marketing strategy is … Read the full post »

How to Grow Your Property Investment Value

1 March 2022

Historically property investment values have increased over time, some areas more so than others. However, there are ways to increase … Read the full post »

Top Tips for Spring Sale

1 March 2022


Spring is in the air and house buyers are out in force. … Read the full post »

How to Create a Harmonious Share House

1 March 2022

Want to avoid your house share becoming a dysfunctional abode where the … Read the full post »

10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home in This Spring

1 March 2022

As the days start to get longer and the temperature begins warming up, spring is the perfect season to start rejuvenating … Read the full post »

Highest price, shortest time is what we aim for!

1 March 2022

Take a look at 1 Clover Court, Grovedale sold in the first 8 days after the first open at the … Read the full post »

To bond clean or not to bond clean? That is the question . . .

8 November 2019

We get asked this question at Hayeswinckle Property Management in Geelong, by both tenants and landlords all the … Read the full post »

Vacancy Rates In Geelong

19 September 2019

Australian housing markets are dynamic and have big
variations from area to area. Investors can use indicators like vacancy … Read the full post »

Tips to Get Your Outdoor Entertainment Area Spring Ready

28 August 2019

As Australians, we love spending time outdoors when the weather is warm, including in our homes. With spring … Read the full post »

Keeping Tenants Happy

18 July 2019

Replacing tenants regularly is costly and inconvenient. You have to get the property ready to rent and pay agents to … Read the full post »

Personalising Your Rental

17 June 2019

With population growth and house prices continuing to soar, many Australians are renting their homes rather than owning it today. … Read the full post »

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