To bond clean or not to bond clean? That is the question . . .

We get asked this question at Hayeswinckle Property Management in Geelong, by both tenants and landlords all the time, so in this blog, we are going to discuss it from both perspectives.

Firstly Landlords

The reason we recommend that you get a full bond clean done before you have your first tenant move into your property is that it sets the expectation of how the property is to be returned once your tenant moves out. Remember, legislation states that tenants are only required to return the property in the state that it was when they moved in taking into consideration fair wear and tear. Tenants are also required to have a flea treatment carried out if they had pets at the property.

Secondly Tenants

The reason we recommend you get a bond clean done is that we are very particular when tenants vacate a property, to ensure that the property is of an excellent standard when the next tenant is to move in. We absolutely want to return your bond to you in full and the best way to do this is to ensure that the property is returned in a clean condition. 

If there are any issues when we do the vacate inspection, and you have paid for a bond clean, we can go back to the cleaner as many times as we need to ensure that the property is at the standard it was when you moved in. If you are sourcing your own cleaner instead of using one of Hayeswinckle Property Managements recommended cleaners, please ensure that you ask them if their service includes a guarantee. 

We want to ensure that if you have paid somebody to complete a bond clean for you, you are getting what you paid for. Being a Geelong and Bellarine based family business we take pride in our strong reputation as quality property managers and we want to ensure we are able to contact your professional cleaners to rectify any issues. 

With an approved bond clean a new tenant can move in, they will be happy with the state of the property and they start their tenancy on the right foot. This also means we are able to return your bond, in full, as soon as possible.

If you would like a list of Hayeswinckle Property Management’s to recommend quality bond cleaners in the Geelong and surrounding suburbs, be sure to contact our team on (03) 5241 1488 or visit one of our five real estate offices in East Geelong, Highton, Newtown, Drysdale and Lara.

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