First impressions – how to create a great entrance

You’ve done the hard work and your house looks great from the street, but it’s important not to disappoint once potential buyers step through your front door.

The first impression of the inside of your home is all-important. The feeling a prospective buyer gets walking into your home will set the scene for the way they feel about your whole house.

Start with the front door
The front door itself is a great place to start. As a minimum is should be sparkling clean; even better if it’s freshly painted. The front door is one place where bold colour can truly work. Simply opting for black rather than white will make your door stand out. If you’re feeling brave a bright primary colour or a trendy pastel tone can take your home’s appearance to the next level.


It’s in the details
Entranceways are great spaces to show a little personality. Style a slim table with flowers, artwork or a simple collection. Don’t get too fussy however, the look should be uncluttered and fresh. A large wall-hung mirror is a great addition in small or dark spaces.

Art attack
If you’re lucky enough to have the wall space, this is the perfect spot to display an art collection. Don’t worry if you don’t own expensive originals. Invest in some trendy prints and display them in ready-made frames. Mixing and matching of styles is fine, although it may be worth considering a theme. You could keep all the frames the same style, or make sure the artwork is all black and white. Steer away from too many family photos.


Add a runner
If you have a spacious hallway, a runner is a great way of drawing people into your home. Choose something trendy or luxurious to add wow factor. Keep an eye on the size – you don’t want the runner getting in the way of furniture or the front door, where it will quickly become a nuisance. Attach it to the floor with heavy-duty, double-sided tape.

Clean and fresh
As with the rest of your house, your entranceway should smell fresh and be perfectly clean. Ornaments in this area can be dust-collectors, so be sure to dust them along with the rest of your surfaces. Skirting boards are another problem spot. Open windows and doors to freshen the place up.

Neat and tidy
A coat rack and shoe box are practical additions to this space. Clear the clutter for open homes and viewings though – the look should be clean and uncluttered. This helps give a sense of space and order to what is often a busy zone.

Green scene
Finally, add life to your entrance with a little greenery. House plants are firmly back in favour. Look for plants with a tropical feel that thrive in indoor conditions. If stepping inside your house replicates the feeling of a resort or a spa then all the better – who wouldn’t be impressed by such an inviting spot?

Written by Kate Shaw

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