Go Pink: How To Decorate Your Home With Pink!

Whether you love it or hate it, pink is making big headlines in our homes and is popping up in all sorts of ways from furnishings to wall coverings. Often associated with feminine or girlie interiors, the new pink shades that are trending right now have a more sophisticated and serene character, offering a versatile palette that will work in any setting. So whether you are a confident interior decorator or you just simply want to add a small dose through the accessories, pink will definitely bring a nurturing and uplifting feel to your home no matter how and where you use it.

The new neutral
A soft or pale pink is like a neutral, it can work with bright shades like red and brown or other muted tones. Blush and nude are two tones of pink that are enormously trendy right now and introducing pink in this subtle way is a great starting point if you are unsure about how much of the colour to use in your home. Neutral pinks can be teamed with tan leather and natural timbers for a vintage vibe. Or why not try pairing it with fresh white line and rose copper accents for true touch of glam.

Bright pink
For the more confident decorator’s out there, experimenting with a vibrant pink is fun and enlivening. Take an exotic fuchsia pink for example, it can be carried through the home in different quantities offering visual excitement while not distracting from your home’s over all restful appeal. For a dynamic twist, introduce it into furniture for a big impact.

Soothing combination
Pink loves nothing better than being teamed with a soft, moody grey. The contrast of intensities between these colours creates a visual delight while ensuring a truly beautiful and soothing ambience. Sticking with a neutral grey backdrop also allows you to have fun with some pink furnishings and be a little more experimental with vibrant accessories as the grey will counterbalance any in-your-face pinks, and guarantee balance and harmony.

Candy pop
Have you seen a great pink but you’re not sure how to use it? Introduce it through easy-to-change items, such as cushions and throws, and you’ll slowly build confidence to use it further. A colour doesn’t have to be carried around every space through the fixtures and fittings, it’s about using it in small the quantities that make you feel comfortable and that you can live with.

Feature wall
On the other hand, if you want to make a design statement, then pack a punch with a striking pink wall. Identify a wall in the room that will add impact but won’t dominate the look and over all feel of the space, then choose a bold pink shade that will jump out but will also complement the other furnishings and wall colours. Pink teams well with industrial textures, such as concrete and metal, as it brings an energy to the rough, organic surfaces. It also complements green too, so try taking it out into the garden to liven up your exterior space.


Written by Kate Shaw

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