How to Avoid the Heat at Home this Summer

The Heat has Arrived!

Along with the New Year, the summer heat has well and truly set in. If you aren’t careful, your household could end up feeling similar to that of a sauna. In times like this, comfort is paramount! Below we’re going to talk about some ways in which you can cool the environment of your home, without having to leave that expensive air conditioning unit on 24/7.


Installing fans at your home to promote a breeze is a great way to get started. Ceiling fans have very little energy consumption and through creating a breeze they can cool body temperature. Fans are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments. They also circulate the air around your home, which can be an effective way of spreading cooler air around and moving the stagnate pockets of warm air. Opening windows at night, or when the outside temperature has dropped, paired with your fan is also a very effective way to get some cool air spread throughout your home. Most homes retain a lot of heat, and in the warmer months opening a window at night or early in the morning is a good way to combat that.

Use cool colours

Colours can act in more ways than one to promote a cooler home. Subconsciously, cooler colours such as a pale purple or a grey can evoke a sense of calm and relaxation. On the other hand, a bright red or orange can bring a feeling of excitement and invigoration. It’s also no secret that black retains heat, especially in direct sunlight! Opposed to black, white  is a natural colour and will reflect the sunlight, and will retain much less heat. Do you have black furniture at your home that could do with a white throw rug over it?

Avoid sunlight

On the flip side to opening your windows in the early morning and at night, during the day time it is important you banish the harsh sunlight from your home and keep it shaded. Blinds and curtains are an obvious but effective way of doing so, along with outdoor pergola areas, shade cloths and even trees with thick coverage on top such as a willow tree.

Use materials with cooling properties

Opting for materials such as linens and cotton can have a much more profound effect than most people think. These type of materials have excellent heat conductivity meaning it allows the heat to escape the fabric very quickly. Materials such as silk and polyester are much less breathable, and you may want to avoid them throughout the summer!

Add some flora

By adding a plant to every room in the house you are greatly improving the quality of air present. It’s no secret that greenery can act as natural humidifiers, increasing moisture and removing harmful toxins in the air. Another thing you could think about here is the use of therapeutic plants. A plant like lavender has been researched, and proved to promote relaxation. Stress and an elevated heart rate can make one flustered and increase body temperature, the soothing and calming properties of some plants may can help combat this.

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