Personalising Your Rental

With population growth and house prices continuing to soar, many Australians are renting their homes rather than owning it today. This has changed our ideas on how to decorate our homes to make them feel like our own. Of course, when you’re renting, there are certain limitations you are faced with. You may not be able to change the carpet or update the kitchen, but there are some ways to make a space your own.


A tenant must not install any fixtures or make any alteration, renovation or addition to the rented premises without the landlord’s consent. This includes repainting the rental property. However, many landlords are open to the idea of tenants making alterations to the home if they want to, especially if it adds value to the property. Repainting tired looking walls can bring a home to life.

Keep in mind that if the landlord does consent, they are not required to reimburse any costs to the tenant. It’s likely you’ll be obligated to ensure any alterations completed are done to a high-quality standard in order for it to be considered an improvement to the property.

Rugs and Runners

Adding rugs and runners are a simple and highly effective way to add personality and style to a rental home. If you want to cover up tired looking carpet or faded timber floorboards, you can overlap rugs of different sizes as long as you keep them in the same style and colour wash. This layering effect allows you to create a warmer and more inviting space.

Hang Pictures on a Wall

In Victoria, you are allowed to make certain modifications to your rental home without obtaining landlord consent, including hanging pictures on the wall. Check your tenancy agreement for terms regarding hanging things using blue tack, adhesive hooks and other methods. Landlords are usually fine with minor alterations, so long as no damage is made to the property as a result.


Making a space your own can be as simple as using accessories to create a style, mood and vibe that suits you. This includes doormats, placemats, vases, coasters and personal memorabilia like photos and collectables. It’s always worth investing in accessories because you can take them with you. A mirror is a great way to make a space look bigger while bookcases and other forms of decorative storage can add both style and functionality to your rental home.

Add Some Greenery

Bring the outdoors in and freshen up your place by placing plenty of potted plants throughout your home. Plants add ambience, beautify a space and purify the air inside. Adding natural elements create a calming and softening effect in any space. They are great for decorating both indoor and outdoor spaces.

There are many plants that are easy to take care of and thrive indoors even without direct sunlight. Do some research and get plants that are well suited for each spot in your home. If you enjoy cooking, get a potted herb garden for your kitchen windowsill to add style and practicality to the area.

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