Quick-fixes that will help sell your home!

Buyers step through your door with many different expectations, but you can be guaranteed they’re all hoping for an enticing home that feels welcoming and well-maintained. Whether you need to spend a bit of time refreshing paint work or de-cluttering spaces, the key to making your home sell is to work with what you have. There’s no point wasting money on expensive renovations just for the sale process as it won’t translate into profit. So here’s how to showcase your home so it looks its very best for marketing photos and open homes.

Give it a super clean

Dust, clean and mop from top to bottom. You want buyers to be focused on the positives in your home, not piles of dust or smeary mirrors. Front doors and windows can also benefit with a clean to create an encouraging first impression, and you’re well within your rights to ask viewers to remove shoes while inspecting your property. It keeps floors pristine throughout the campaign.

Consider some minor upgrades

You don’t have to spend a fortune but it might be worth freshening up existing furniture with new additions. Think new cushions for sofas and throws for beds. Rugs add depth and comfort to a space, as well as helping to define the different zones of an open plan room, while mirrors and artwork will fill a blank wall with a homey touch. These are all small and low-effort extras that will have big impact on the overall feel and ambiance of your home. It’s definitely worth spending a few dollars for the right finishing touch.

Flowers and plants

It’s incredible how greenery can lift a room and give it instant energy. Indoor plants with large lush leaves, such as Monsteria and palms, are great for filling empty corners or disguising areas you don’t want seen, while tall sculptural plants, like mother-in-laws-tongue, bring structure to a modern space.

Freshen up your bathing areas

As any good agent will tell you, bathrooms and kitchen sell properties, so it’s important to give these spaces your full attention. In the bathroom, hide away all clutter, including bottles in the shower and around the bath, then replace with one or two smart toiletries for a luxurious hotel suite look. Keep cleaning products out of sight, and display toilet rolls neatly in a basket or holder if they are on show. Only display fresh, clean towels and hang them appealingly. Finally, light a fragrant candle to create a romantic ambiance and capture the buyer’s heart.

De-clutter shelves

Less is more when it comes to styling shelves. If you have lots of books, free up a bit of space by packing half of them away, and then add a few eye-catching vases or ornaments between the books for a calm, refined look. Clear away unsightly stacks of magazines and paperwork, and hide DVDS as they can look messy too.

Create luxurious looking bedrooms

Make buyers think they’ve stepped into a hotel suite by making your bedroom feel sumptuous and inviting. Clean, crisp white bed linen will really enhance the sense of tranquillity, but patterned or colour linen can also make a room feel special if all the pillows and doonas are plumped and straightened. Layers add luxury, so decorative cushions and a throw are a must for a five-star effect. Then beautify the rest of the space, such as the bedside tables, with gorgeous objects like picture frames or candles.

Style your living like a pro

It pays to create a cosy, comfortable living room that will encourage buyers to linger and enjoy the space. Large coffee table books are a great decorating tool that will bring a bit of life to the room while still ensuring a slick, streamlined feel. Stand out lamps also help to break up any bare expanse of walls, while decorative trays or dishes can hold candles in a uniformed display.

Tidy your outdoor space

Whether you have a large garden or simply a small balcony, make the best of your outdoor space by ensuring it’s presentable. It only takes a few plant pots and a simple table and chairs to help buyers conjure an image of themselves enjoying an alfresco meal out there. If you have an air conditioning unit on display, now’s the time to think about covering it up with a purpose built wooden cover for a neat and tidy finish.


Written by Louise O’Bryan

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