Rental Application Tips

Tips When Applying For a Rental!

The best properties on the market are the most sought after, meaning potential renters often face fierce competition against numerous other applicants. However, there’s plenty of things you can do to improve your chances of getting those keys.

Remember the landlord wants to find the tenant they think is most likely to pay their rent on time and look after the property. During the inspection and application process, there are a number of clues about whether you’re that person based on how you conduct yourself.

Have Your Paperwork Organised 

Make sure you have everything you need when you arrive at the inspection, from your ID to proof of income. The best approach is to have a completed application ready to hand in at the inspection. Meet with all proposed housemates to ensure everyone’s got what they need to apply right away. Check if the agency uses 1form, otherwise print and fill in the standard application provided on the agency’s website.

Be On Time

When it comes to attending rental inspections, being on time is crucial. In fact, the best approach is to be five to ten minutes early. With some popular properties in popular suburbs, a queue can form outside the place before the agent has arrived. Other times, the agent is ahead of schedule and arrives at the property early themselves and decides to let people in early. Either way, you want to be one of the first through the door.

Dress Smart

It’s nice to think that how we look is irrelevant when applying for a house but it can matter, especially when agents and landlords are choosing from a large pool of applicants. Someone who is presentable is more likely to keep the property in a neat, presentable condition. Dressing smart is a good idea to ensure you don’t lose out on the property over something like your dress choice.

Prepare A Rental Resume

Prepare a rental resume with a cover letter, rental history, pay slips and reference letters. Good references are essential when applying for a popular rental property. Agents and landlords want to know that you’ll pay on time and treat the property as if it were your own. A strong track record of rental history is absolutely vital for this.

Your cover letter can simply be a few paragraphs about who you are, what you do for a living and why you are moving. If you have housemates, you could provide brief introductions for everyone. Ensure it has a professional tone but still showcases you personality and make sure to mention special circumstances such as a pet.


Follow Up Afterwards

Once you’ve submitted your application, it’s nice to follow up with the agent with a a brief thank you email. Don’t come across too pushy or impatient. Just make it clear that you’re interested in the property and look forward to hearing from them. A nice thank you can keep you at the top of their mind as they go through applications.

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