Sure-fire Ways To Secure A Buyer At Your Open Home

With your first Open Home Inspection looming, these cast-iron tips and tricks will help your home stand out from the crowd and ensure you get top dollar come auction day. The key to refining your spotless home is by adding those all important finishing touches, so you’ll be guaranteed to win over those buyers as soon as they step through the door.

Create a smart entrance

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer and evaluate your front yard or entrance way as they would. Do you need to cut back bushes or plants to create a clear path? Or maybe your front door needs a dust down? It’s all about creating an appealing welcome so buyers can’t wait to have a look inside. Colourful pot plants either side of your door will add a cheerful touch, while polished hardware will gleam and sparkle to entice them in. And once indoors, don’t overlook the importance of the hallway. Clear away any clutter like coats and shoes, and greet visitors with a friendly pot plant or vase of flowers to create instant charm and appeal.

Turn on the lights

A cosy glow coming from inside a home is always a heart-warming view, so capture this positive vibe by turning on your lights, especially any outdoor ones that will welcome buyers in, particularly on dark wintery evenings. Try to use lamps where you can, instead of central ceiling lights, as they will create a softer ambience. While a string of fairy lights in a glass bowl will brighten up a dark corner or an unused fireplace.

Encourage a relaxing living area

De-clutter, tidy away and fluff up your living space. Baskets are your best friend when it comes to clearing away toys or magazines out of sight, and they also add interest to empty corners. If your sofa is looking a little tired, invest in some fabulous cushions so your seating looks plump and inviting. Throws and blankets can also disguise any furniture that has seen better days, and will add a plush layered feel to your space. Coffee table styling is another way of adding a decadent look, so dust off those large art books that you’ve stored away and display them with a new candle or a lush vase of flowers for a graceful finish.

Super-style your shelves

Align books on shelves, or even go as far as arranging them in similar colours, to create a smart and considered display. Make sure you’ve given them a good clean too.

Minimise kitchen clutter

Make your kitchen feel open and spacious by removing all items from the bench tops. Go as far as to store away appliances, like toasters and kettles, to free up space and then simply display a few choice accessories, such as a stylish chopping board or handcrafted jug, so your kitchen’s striking good looks take centre stage.

Make your bathrooms sparkle

Clean, clean and clean again so your bathrooms are fresh and pleasing. Conjure a boutique hotel-style with crisp white towels and elegant toiletries so there’s not a plastic shampoo bottle insight! Orchids are a fabulous flower for adding a touch of spa-like zen; hunt out a good-looking fake one and it’s guaranteed to last the whole campaign.

Remove all personal items

Kids drawings that are stuck on the fridge might seem cute, but buyers don’t want to be reminded of the present owners of the property while they are trying to imagine themselves living there. Family photos should also be removed, as well as noticeboards or calendars, to give free reign to a prospective buyer’s imagination.

Say it with flowers

The very last thing you can do to make your home sing out from the crowd is to add beautiful flowers in prominent spots around your home, such as the coffee table or in the master bedroom. Flowers not only add instant colour and fragrance, they also suggest luxury and decadence and help to evoke a cosy charm that will make a buyer feel right at home.

Written by Louise O’Bryan

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