The Life of Shadow

A little bit about Shadow

Shadow was adopted by Jess, our Director – Head of Property Management and has been the fluffiest bundle of joy to have around. Shadow is a very relaxed puppy and doesn’t dig anywhere or destroy anything. She is in fact the most chilled out dog that Jess has ever had!

On the day of picking her up, Shadow was quite shy but now she has settled in very well and it’s like she has been with Jess forever.

Shadow’s first adventure

Last month, Shadow went on her first ever adventure to Geelong Waterfront where she made new friends with the seagulls. She was unexpectedly very calm and happy to be around them and wasn’t bothered by the seagulls approaching and flying around her like other dogs would be. Along with wagging her tail in extreme excitement, she was also curious as to what and who the new feathery friends were. She spent the rest of her day walking around the park and then during the car ride at the end of the day, she fell deep asleep for the whole trip home. All that walking for Shadow made her absolutely exhausted!

Keep up-to-date with Shadow’s life

Discover what Shadow gets up to over the coming months by keeping an eye out on our monthly blogs.

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