Tips to Get Your Outdoor Entertainment Area Spring Ready

As Australians, we love spending time outdoors when the weather is warm, including in our homes. With spring just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get your outdoor entertainment area ready for dining, relaxing and entertaining, whether it’s big or small. There are plenty of ways to jazz up outdoor spaces in your home, many of which don’t require you to blow out your budget. 

Decorate Your Barbecue and Outdoor Dining Area 

There are so many advantages to entertaining outdoors. It’s great being able to socialise while enjoying the fresh air. Eating outside also seems to simplify the kind of meals you have to prepare, cutting the amount of cooking and cleaning you need to do. When it comes to entertaining outdoors, your barbecue area is the centrepiece of the space. 

Plant a herb garden close to the barbecue for easy cooking access and to add aroma to the area. Ensure your outdoor table is sturdy, looks great, accommodates enough people and is weatherproof if exposed to the elements. Use fold up chairs for extra seating for those larger than usual parties. Use colourful and vibrant table settings to brighten up the space and add excitement. 

Clean Up Your Garden 

Now that everything is blossoming, it’s time to get your garden organised and tidied up. This includes:
● Mowing the lawn and feeding it if necessary
● Removing debris and dead leaves
● Pulling out any weeds and mulching the flower beds to prevent then coming back
A tidy garden makes for a pleasant environment to spend more time on both your guests and when you’re relaxing at home.

Accessorise With Greenery 

Take advantage of the new plant and flower growth in spring by decorating your outdoor spaces with pots. You could put herbs and flowers along your window sills and outdoor dining setting. You could also hang pots around the edge of a sheltered area to border it and create cosy, green space. 


Nothing beats smart lighting choices when it comes to creating the perfect ambience. Solar lights are a great way of adding light and creating a nice atmosphere. Meanwhile, candles and lanterns can create a moodier, relaxing vibe. A cosy fire pit is an excellent way to keep guests warm as it gets later into the night or on colder evenings. It also creates a nice, homely atmosphere in your outdoor area. 

Make Sure You Have Shade 

With a hotter summer soon following spring, you want to ensure you and your guests have somewhere to shelter from the sun when it’s beating down. Whether you opt for a big umbrella, sails, cane canopies or a pergola, adding ample shade to your outdoor area is an excellent way to make space an enjoyable place to hang out. 

Some General Tips 

Remember the fundamentals when organising your outdoor entertainment area. Ensure it is arranged and styled so that it is comfortable to use instead of just being beautiful. All your furniture should be an appropriate size and shouldn’t overcrowd the space. When it comes to sunlight and shade, balance is key. 

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