14 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Are you planning a home renovation this spring? Go about it the right way and avoid making these common renovation mistakes.

1. Not Enough Planning

Renovations are not something you should just do on a whim. You need to put a lot of time and effort into understanding what you want to achieve and every step you need to take to get there. This includes budgeting, timeline and sequencing (e.g. not doing polished wooden floorboards first).

2. Setting the Budget Too Low

Almost every renovation project is going to blow the budget. To avoid that, talk to professionals and other people who have renovated before to get a good idea on the cost. You should also set a contingency for unexpected setbacks.

3. Not Prioritising Functionality

Don’t get carried away thinking about style and aesthetics. The most important thing to think about is how you’ll actually live in the space, which will influence the placement of doors, windows, outlets and more.

4. Using Cheap Materials

It’s just not worth skimping on cost when it comes to renovations. It’s worth investing in durable high quality materials that won’t need to be replaced in a few years time.

5. Not Ordering Enough Materials

It’s usually a good idea to order a little more material than you need to complete the job (between 10 to 20 per cent) to account for mistakes, defects and installation wastage.

6. Failing to Incorporate the Exisiting Architectural Style

Ensure you buy the right property where the changes you want to make will complement the original structure and style of the home rather than buying any home and making drastic, expensive changes.

7. Ignoring Details

Think about all the little details and features that will improve the functionality of your home, from smart storage space to pantry pull outs. It’ll be harder and more expensive to add them later.

8. Spending Too Much on the Wrong Things

Don’t spend a lot on an accent wall and then economise by going with laminate floors instead of hardwood or buying cheap appliances. Ensure the most important aspects of the house are prioritised.

9. Neglecting Safety Measures

Always wear protective clothing such as safety goggles, hearing protection and work boots when working. Neglecting safety measures can both impede the project and lead to serious physical harm.

10. Using the Wrong Paint Finish

Use neutral colours and ensure you think about which finish to use in each room depending on how it is used. Matte finishes on ceilings can make them seem to recede while satin finishes reflect light.

11. Failing to Check Rules and Regulations

Make sure you check what tasks require a licence, when you can be noisy and whether you need local council planning approval for anything you are doing. You may need to use a council building inspector or pay application fees for certain things.

12. Lack of Competence

Ensure you and anyone else working on the renovation are actually competent at the task at hand. One slightly wrong measurement can mean disaster and beer fuelled painting doesn’t make for the greatest finish. Use resources like your local hardware store, Google and Youtube to educate yourself.

13. Overcapitalising

Don’t spend too much money on your renovations, especially if it is for an investment property. Make sure your renovation complements the neighbourhood, otherwise it can look awkward and affect resale value.

14. Not Consulting Professionals

Getting architects, designers and other professionals to help fine tune your plan is essential for spotting issues you may have overlooked. A real estate agent can tell you what buyers are looking for in your area which can guide your investment property renovations before you begin.


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