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Should You Allow Tenants With Pets in Your Rental Property?

1 March 2022

The idea of allowing pets into your rental property can be scary, but pet-friendly properties are in high demand across … Read the full post »

How to Grow Your Property Investment Value

1 March 2022

Historically property investment values have increased over time, some areas more so than others. However, there are ways to increase … Read the full post »

How Much Should You Really Spend Marketing Your Rental Property?

1 March 2022

If you’re thinking of renting out your property and want to find quality tenants quickly, a solid marketing strategy is … Read the full post »

Three End Of Financial Year Tax Tips For Property Investors

1 March 2022

End of financial year can be a tough and taxing time (literally!) especially for those with an investment portfolio. There … Read the full post »

Finding the Best Investment in the Geelong Market

1 March 2022

Lower stock levels, record low interest rates and strong population growth are creating an ideal environment for property investment in … Read the full post »

What to look for when finding the right property investment?

1 March 2022

Once you’ve made the decision to invest in property the next step is to find the property that is right … Read the full post »

Landlord Obligations To Maintaining A Rental Property

1 March 2022

Landlords are legally obligated to guarantee the safety of rented property and its contents under Australian common law. While the … Read the full post »

Renovate and Add Value to Your Home With Our Top 7 Tips

1 March 2022

Thinking about renovating this summer? Follow these tips to ensure your renovation adds value to your property.
Consider hiring … Read the full post »

Why Do I Need Landlord Insurance?

17 May 2019

If you own a rental property, you may need different insurance products than normal home and contents policies. This is … Read the full post »

Finding The Right Tenant

18 April 2019

Finding the Right Tenant
Finding high quality tenants makes owning a rental property easy and stress-free. The right tenant … Read the full post »

14 Home Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

9 October 2018

Are you planning a home renovation this spring? Go about it the … Read the full post »

7 Ways to Save Big on Your Mortgage

12 July 2018

Purchasing a home is one … Read the full post »

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