Renovate and Add Value to Your Home With Our Top 7 Tips

Thinking about renovating this summer? Follow these tips to ensure your renovation adds value to your property.

Consider hiring design professionals
Before you begin to consider how big your project is likely to be. If you’re updating a bathroom or replacing a window or two you can probably manage without an architect or designer, but if you’re knocking out walls and changing your house’s layout, bringing in design professionals is a smart move. While this may seem an extra expense you don’t need, you may end up saving in the long-run, with a well-designed house being a great selling point. Design professionals can also take the headache out of the consent stage by preparing your paperwork for you.


Small changes reap big rewards
You don’t need to go big to make a difference. Large-scale renovations are always costly and often stressful. As well as new flooring and a fresh paint job, small changes to your house’s layout or utility areas will create a great fresh impression. Replacing small windows with larger ones, adding sky lights to low-light areas and installing external doors to improve your indoor/outdoor flow are just some ways you can easily modernise your home.

Remember the kitchen rules
Put your money where it counts. An up-to-date kitchen is a must-have for many buyers. A full-scale renovation can be costly but will add definite ‘wow’ factor to your home. Engage a professional kitchen designer if you want a high-end result. If you have a lower budget, there are many other ways to update this space. Consider replacing benchtops, resurfacing existing cabinetry and updating kitchen hardware (such as door handles and taps).


Go big on the bathroom
Modern bathrooms are another space that sell houses.  Investing money here won’t go unnoticed. Keep colours neutral, consider floor-to-ceiling tiling and splash out on a statement bath if you have the room and budget! If you have a little less to spend you can still create a big impression.  A new vanity, resurfaced cabinetry or modern tapware are easy ways to update this space.


Invest in the outdoors
Make the most of your outdoor space this summer. Building an outdoor room is a great investment.  Opening roofs and side protection can turn an area once used only in summer into a room used all year round. If you want to spend a bit less, invest in great shade and a top-end barbecue. Give your outdoor area a lift with a modern table setting, bold cushions, comfortable beanbags and outdoor speakers, so you can really enjoy those evenings under the stars.


Every room counts
Consider adding another bathroom, a fourth bedroom and a walk-in robe. A second bathroom has become almost essential for many buyers. A master bedroom with an ensuite and ideally a walk-in robe can elevate your property to the next level. Adding a fourth bedroom may be costly but will also open your property up to a whole new group of buyers.

Talk to a real estate agent
If you’re thinking of listing your property once your renovations are complete, it could be a good idea to give your real estate agent a call before you begin. They’ll be able to tell you what buyers are looking for in your area, and guide you in the right direction for resale.

Written by Kate Shaw


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